Banner Communities
Mayor Paul Cusick and Director of Administrative Services Ron Borczyk (center) are honored as they represent Bellevue as a Banner Community.

PITTSBURGH – County officials, including members of County Council and County Manager William D. McKain CPA, held a press conference and ceremony on March 31 to announce that 51 municipalities, including Bellevue, have been designated as 2017 Banner Communities.

The Banner Community Program, sponsored by the Allegheny League of Municipalities in cooperation with the county, recognizes those communities committed to professional development, prudent fiscal management, transparency, accountability and proactive communications to engage community stakeholders. This is the fifth year of the program and the first time that Bellevue has been recognized.

“Local government is considered by many to be the most important form of government because of its direct impact on the daily lives of residents. The job of being a local government officials, whether elected or appointed, has become an increasingly complex occupation,” said County Executive Rich Fitzgerald. “The Banner Community Program designation is a public recognition of the efforts that these government officials take on behalf of its residents and businesses each day. I congratulate the officials who represent these communities, and thank them, for the example they set in our county.”

Following the press event and ceremony in the County Courthouse’s Gold Room, representatives of the Banner Communities took part in a luncheon hosted by Herbert, Rowland & Grubic, Inc. (HRG), key sponsor of the Banner Community Program.