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Dorothy (Bogner) Hoover, formerly of Avalon

Banjo Club

The Pittsburgh Banjo Club performed their annual program for the veterans at the VA Hospital in Aspinwall on Thursday evening. They were the guests of the Miliatary Order of the Cooties Pup Tent 29, the Honor Degree of the VFW. Flanking the Banjo players are Cooties Mike Scerba and Joe DeUnger on the left and Mike Bookser and Paul Cusick on the right. The Cooties visit the veterans monthly to play bingo and treat the vets to barbecue ham sandwiches and pastries. The food is donated by former Bellevue Mayor George Doscher and his wife, Barb.

Bellevue Budget

Bellevue Mayor, Paul Cusick presented the proposed 2018 budget at the Council meeting on Tuesday. There are no tax increases proposed. The Mayor has proposed a decrease in the Sewage User Fee from $2.50 / 1000 gal to $2.00 / 1000 gal. Click Here for Presentation Letter. Council will have until the end of the year to review and change the Mayor's proposal before adopting .

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