Avalon Police News

8/24/21 thru 9/17/21

August 24:  Police were called to a Hit and Run in the area of 202 Elizabeth Avenue.  A resident reported that her vehicle was side swiped by a tractor trailer.

August 26:  A Waste Management truck struck a vehicle while backing up in an intersection.

August 30:  A hit and run occurred at 1001 Ohio River Blvd.  No one was injured.

August 30:  Joseph A. Persia, 19, Bellevue, was charged with criminal mischief after driving through the grass down at Avalon Park.

August 31:  A resident reported she was a victim of identity theft.

August 31:  Police responded to 512 California Avenue for a 2 vehicle accident when a delivery truck struck a parked vehicle.  No injuries were reported.

August 31:  A police report was made at Subway on Ohio River Blvd because a U-haul truck hit the overhead awning.

September 2:  A hit and run occurred at 415 N. Chestnut Street and Cherry Alley.

September 2:  Steven Ebore, Jr., 38, Avalon, was arrested for motor vehicle theft.

September 4:  A motor vehicle accident occurred at New Brighton and Gardner Avenue when a vehicle rolled over into a creek with entrapment.  The male had a scratch on his chest and no complaints of any pain. The driver was taken to AGH via an ambulance.

September 5:  Police were called to the Avalon Municipal Building for a report of a hit and run.  The complainant stated that his vehicle was struck while traveling on California Avenue.  There was minor damage

September 9:  A motor vehicle accident occurred at 1015 Ohio River Boulevard.  No one was injured.

September 10:  Police took a harassment report from a resident for an individual harassing him on a dating app.

September 14:  Police were notified of a read hazard/ordinance complaint in the area of the 200 block of Elizabeth.  A rollaway dumpster was covering the entire sidewalk as well as into the roadway.

September 15:  A resident made a fraud report here at the station.

September 17:  Police were called to the PNC lot for a parking complaint.