Avalon Police News

9/16/20 thru 10/5/20

September 16:  Scott Earle, 26, Pgh, was arrested for possession of narcotics.

September 16:  A resident of 547 Marie Avenue reported that her car was broken into overnight.

September 17:  A resident from 816 Center Avenue reported that his rare breed 3-month old English Bulldog was stolen from his leash in his front yard.

September 18:  Police were called about a noise complaint at 857 Elizabeth Avenue.

September 20:  Officers were called to 301 California Avenue for a threat report.

September 21:  A resident came to the Avalon Police station to file a fraud report.

September 21:  Jeffrey Hartman, 18, Pgh, was cited for sale of drugs following a traffic stop.

September 21:  Officers were called to 624 Hemlock for a theft from a vehicle.

September 22:  Steve E. Hubbard, 63, Avalon was cited several times for an ongoing issue with his dog attacking residents passing his home.

September 22:  A resident of 702 Sylvan Avenue reported that there was damage to her vehicle that happened overnight.

September 23:  Officers were called to the intersection of South Home and California Ave for a 2-vehicle crash w/ no reported injuries.

September 24:  Officers were called to 123 Elizabeth for a noise complaint.  Priscilla Russell, 25, Avalon for cited for a noise ordinance.

September 25:  Officers were dispatched to a hit and run at 400 Union Ave.  No one was injured the vehicle was heavily damaged.

September 26:  Police were called to a 2-vehicle crash at Jackman and Elizabeth.  No injuries or tows reported.

September 27:  James Lamon Bryant, 48, Bellevue, was cited for possession of narcotics following a traffic stop.

September 30:  A MVA occurred at California and North Home Ave.  Cars had to be towed and 2 passengers were to taken to AGH to be evaluated.

October 1:  A hit and run occurred at N. Home and California Avenue.

October 1:  A MVA accident occurred at California and Home Avenue.  No injuries and 1 car had to be towed.

October 2:  A resident reported that damage was done to his wife's vehicle.  A truck passed her vehicle and broke side view mirror off the car.

October 2:  A MVA occurred at Elizabeth and Jackman.  No one was injured.

October 5:  A MVA occurred at Cherry Alley and N. Chestnut.  There were no injuries.

October 5:  Michael David Fry, 33, Avalon, was arrested following a domestic situation.

October 5:   A resident reported that her Samsung tablet was stolen.

October 5:  A MVA occurred at Alley B and Orchard Avenue.